Top 5 upcoming smartphones under Rs 10000

Within the past few years smartphone companies have worked a lot on designs and features, we have witnessed some mind blowing designs and features that didn’t seem to exist but with the growing competition we the customers are sure to benefit a lot, there are some pretty big leaks and announcements and we just can’t […]

The Best Cheese And Meat Combinations

Imagine a juicy chicken burger or a mutton sandwich without cheese. Horrifying isn’t it? It’s the cheese that brings out the best in the meat and its flavours. But then again, there’s an art to that. Don’t be a regular cook and add the normal square cheese slices you find at supermarkets to every meat […]

Of Course Alton Brown Has the Best Tip For Cutting a Mango

Mangoes: fun to eat, not so fun to prep. What prevents many people from enjoying fresh mangoes is they simply have no idea how to cut them. Leave it to Alton Brown to share quite possibly the best mango-cutting tips ever, leaving us anything but intimidated to slice one ourselves. Here’s a step-by-step visual of […]

M&M’s Released 3 Brand-New Peanut Flavors

Your day-brightener is here in the form of some new M&M’s flavors. In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the company has announced three new and exciting Peanut M&M’s flavors: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut. You can find each flavor in stores nationwide now, but only one of them will stay for good, depending […]

How Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio Scrambles Eggs

New York chef, restauranteur, and Top Chef host Tom Colicchio knows a thing or two about scrambling eggs. While teaming up with John Hancock to promote healthy eating, Tom spoke to me on the phone about his preferred method to scramble perfectly soft curds. Here it is: Crack some eggs in a bowl. Beat vigorously […]

Ayesha Curry Will Have Her Own Show on Food Network

Ayesha Curry is an amazing cook, so it’s no surprise that she has landed her own show onFood Network. The show will be called At Home With Ayesha, and there’s no release date yet, but stay tuned. This latest accomplishment is just another exciting food venture for Ayesha — her cookbook, The Seasoned Life: Food, […]

‘Love Handles’ Transformed into Insulin-Producing Cells

A body part that many would wish away — their love handles — can be turned it into life-saving transplant: Researchers reprogramed fat cells from a person’s waistline into pancreatic cells capable of producing the crucial hormone insulin. If further testing shows that the cells are safe to implant into a person’s body, and effectively […]

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Bug Spray

As the weather warms up and you head outdoors, remember, humans are not the only species to delight in such balmy days: Summer is also a busy season for pesky insects that can bite or sting you, or even transmit a disease. Fortunately, you can take steps to protect yourself from being bitten up by […]