The Importance of Keeping Stress at Bay when you Prepare for JEE- Here’s How

Why is the JEE so complex?

The JEE ( Joint Entrance Examination) is one of the main and most preferred entrance examinations by those looking to pursue a career in Engineering. Engineering is a very innovative field and requires constant development of ideas and their successive execution.

To make the students aware of this, the JEE is so set where the students are forced to think out of the box and change their outlook of how they perceive concepts. The negative marking system ensures that the student realizes how crucial not fully understanding a topic can be.

Once the students have given the JEE Mains, they can check their results in the JEE Main rank predictor. If the student is sure to have cleared the cut -off, he/she can go ahead and register for JEE Advanced.

Then, why is it feared and what are the adverse effects?

·         Students mainly take the methods implemented in a negative way and seem to dread the examination. There is stress caused which forbids them to reach their full potential and cracking the JEE.

·         Stress can lead to unnecessary, unaccounted damage to the students’ career which literally results in nothing.

·         The reasons for stress caused is natural. Pressure from parents, teachers and peers just adds to it. The idea of attempting such an entrance with 90 questions each of 4 marks in 3 hours can surely result in nightmares.

·         If they don’t do well in the JEE Mains, the dream of getting into an IIT is crushed forever.

But, students must realize that stressing about it will not get them closer to do well in the examination. If anything, it is just pulling them away from fully executing their talents. It’s hence, important for them to realize that stress must be kept aside, if they truly want to achieve their dreams.

So, how do students get around this fear?

1)      Start your preparation from the very beginning from the IIT JEE books so that there is less pressure on yourself by time of the examination.

2)      Make a well thought through time table at the very beginning of your preparation of the examination. By doing this you’ll have control over how much you’ve covered, boosting your confidence.

3)      Eat healthy and sleep well. Meditate or exercise regularly so that your body and mind is calm when you study.

4)      Convert all this stress you have into actually solving a problem or reading through a concept thoroughly. Read over concepts you don’t fully understand and if you still don’t get it, ask your teachers or peers for help. But make sure you don’t leave it.

5)      Don’t curse and swear for the examination to be so tough and waste your energy there. Instead take this as a healthy challenge and try to do your best. Strengthen your conceptual understanding and increase your speed of solving problems.

6)      Balance your CBSE class 12 syllabus so that there is no tension of not doing a particular subject at the last minute. Give each of the subjects substantial time and make sure you cover as much as you can during that time.

7)      The adrenaline of preparing the examination is fun only if you’re using the correct methods to prepare. Students really interested in the engineering field would love how much exposure they’re getting to so much knowledge and they should in turn grab the opportunity to make the best out of this experience.

8)      Take fair breaks to blow off some steam so that you give your mind enough space to absorb all that’s being learnt.

9)      If you’re stuck on a problem for a really long time just keep it away for a while and do something else. After you’ve gained a little confidence, come back to it and look at it from different angles. You’ll be sure to get it.

10)  Don’t be too casual regarding the examination. Sure, stress will get you nowhere, but, a care a hang attitude will neither. Understand the importance of this examination and how it could shape up your career.

11)  Even if you don’t get into an IIT, you can still get into other reputed colleges and pursue engineering from there. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just concentrate on giving your best in the JEE.

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