Apple MacBook Event: How to Watch Live Stream

Apple devices running iOS 7 or later can watch MacBook event Event can also be streamed via Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Apple TV owners can also watch MacBook event on the big screen When it comes to Apple events, they are not just hard but impossible to ignore. The run-up to these events is […]

Shutterstock brings computer vision to photo searches

Commercial image library Shutterstock has introduced a new ‘computer vision’ search technology that finds photos according to their contents and not just the keywords that photographers have attached to them. It’s designed for publishers and designers searching for professional quality photos they can license, but the technology has potential for photographers everywhere. The company’s new […]

K3 Wintel Keyboard PC

We’ve witnessed the arrival of new designs over the past decade when it comes to personal computer form factors. The traditional towers and boxy cases have made way for all-on-ones, HDMI dongles, micro-computers and even entire units that live in something as small as a power socket. But there’s a new kid on the block […]

Skylake-based Dell XPS 13 with Linux arrives in the US

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new Skylake-based Dell XPS 13 developer edition, you’re in luck. Dell announced late last week that its new Linux notebook is here—if you’re in the United States, anyway. The new Dell XPS 13 developer edition—part of the company’s ongoing Project Sputnik—comes in three Core i7 configurations, with a Core i5 […]

Energy Star 3.0 server spec to look at coprocessors for more accurate power-efficiency ratings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is revising the Energy Star specification for servers to take into account significant system design changes and help buyers make effective purchasing decisions. Over the last few years, server makers have increasingly used coprocessors to boost computing power and given memory a bigger role in processing data. While memory has […]