Google+ 7.2 for Android Brings Chrome Custom Tabs to All

Google+ 7.2 for Android started rolling out last week with a more immersive browsing experience when tapping links in the stream, new search features and a medium-sized dose of squashed bugs. Right then, let’s get to it, shall we? Chrome Custom Tabs   A few weeks ago, Google started testing Chrome Custom Tabs in the […]

More Updates Roll Out For the Google+ Web Preview

Just as expected, several new features for the Google+ Web Preview are released a day after Android 7.3.0. Improved Profile Information Access Before, if you wanted to see more information on a certain profile (or your own), you had to click a small “i” icon in the bottom-right. Its size and obscurity made it quite […]

Google+ Web Preview Update

There’s no slowing down with the Google today. They’ve been grabbing feedback like bottled water before a storm and incorporating it in the preview layout. Don’t be surprised if a few updates hit your G+ before the day’s through. These updates make me really hopeful for the direction of the platform. It shows Google is […]

Google+ for Android v7.1 Rolls Out

The Google+ team has pushed out a follow-up to this month’s major Android update. Earlier this month the Google+ app for Android hit a milestone with the release of version 7.0.0, which included a ton of much-awaited updates, not least being the hiding of the bottom black bar when scrolling through your stream. This was […]

Google Photos for iOS Updated with Live Photos Support

Google Photos on iOS now supports auto-backup of Live Photos and receives a few smaller updates. With the latest version of iOS, released about 6 months ago, Apple added Live Photos to the list of features for it’s smartphones. Live Photos captures a photo with sound and video before and after the moment the picture […]