Humidity rather than heat is the number one enemy of the hard disk

Heat isn’t the biggest enemy for the humble hard disk, rather humidity is what causes the most failures, a new piece of research has observed. The study, carried out by Rutgers University and entitled ‘Environmental Conditions and Disk Reliability in Free-cool Data Centres’, found that the most negative effects on drive controllers and adapters were […]

Asus’s itty-bitty VivoMini PCs embrace Nvidia graphics

Today appears to be mini PC day. We’ve already given you hands-on looks at Intel’s Skull Canyon NUC and Zotac’s VR-ready Magnus EN380, not to mention news about the release of MSI’s cylindrical Vortex powerhouse. That makes today a good day to talk about something that was recently announced: two new additions to Asus’ VivoMini line-up, one of […]