Did You Know These 6 Benefits of HealthyEating?

Perhaps eating healthy is easier said than done because it involves leaving out edibles that are very high in sugar, or food items that are loaded with sodium or saturated foods. Also, healthy eating restricts you from consuming fast food, sodas, chips, and anything that can lead you towards bad health condition. However, sticking to […]

Variety Is Truly The Slice Of Life

Variety exists in so many aspects of life that it truly represents everything that life is about. Moreover, without variety, everything would be completely dull and you would have absolutely no alternatives or choices to make. Similarly, when you are facing trouble with one type of product, you should always have a go-to product that […]

Quick Facts You should know about Thyroid Imbalances

Located at the anterior portion of our neck, thyroid forms one of the seven endocrine glands of our body. Endocrine glands are those that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream of our body. The thyroid gland controls the body’s sensitivity to other hormones, the rate at which energy sources are used and most importantly, protein […]

‘Love Handles’ Transformed into Insulin-Producing Cells

A body part that many would wish away — their love handles — can be turned it into life-saving transplant: Researchers reprogramed fat cells from a person’s waistline into pancreatic cells capable of producing the crucial hormone insulin. If further testing shows that the cells are safe to implant into a person’s body, and effectively […]

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Bug Spray

As the weather warms up and you head outdoors, remember, humans are not the only species to delight in such balmy days: Summer is also a busy season for pesky insects that can bite or sting you, or even transmit a disease. Fortunately, you can take steps to protect yourself from being bitten up by […]

Zika Virus Does Cause Microcephaly, Report Confirms

The Zika virus can cause microcephaly — a condition in which an infant has an abnormally small brain and head — when the infant’s mother is infected during pregnancy, according to a new report, published today (April 13) in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control […]

Mysterious Outbreak: 5 Things to Know About Elizabethkingia

An outbreak of a rare bacterial illness that first appeared in Wisconsin has now popped up in two nearby states, officials say. This week, the Illinois Department of Public Health announced that a patient there died of an infection with the bacteria Elizabethkingia anophelis — the same bacteria that has infected 59 people in Wisconsin […]

Chemicals in Fast Food: Should You Be Worried?

People who eat fast food may be ingesting potentially harmful chemicals called phthalates, a new study finds — another reason to avoid eating these typically unhealthy foods, experts say. However, experts emphasize that most Americans are exposed to phthalates every day, and it’s not clear exactly how much of this exposure comes from fast food. […]