BMW and Microsoft partner up for Google Now-like functions

BMW used Build 2016 to launch its new BMW Connected North America app for iOS users, which brings a Google Now personal assistant to its cars. The platform is powered by the Microsoft Azure-based Open Mobility Cloud. The idea is to leverage your cloud-based data, like your calendar, messages, contacts, commute times, real-time traffic data […]

Here’s the Tesla Model 3 and we reserved one

Elon Musk took the stage tonight to unveil the affordable Model 3 during a private event at its Hawthorne, Calif. facility. The car looks fantastic and I reserved one online to replace my wife’s Nissan Leaf. Tesla expects a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating of 215 miles of range on the base model and […]

Tesla Model 3 release date, news and features

Reservations started in Australia last night (PST). Many have waited in line to reserve a Model 3 across the globe. Hundreds are lined up at the Bellevue, Wash. Tesla store by 7:30 am PST. Online reservations begin at 7:30 PST. The big unveil happens tonight at 8:30 pm PST. Tesla was founded 13 years ago […]

IITian Major’s jetpack to give wings to Army

In the frozen heights of Siachen, the world’s toughest and highest battle field, weather takes more lives than bullets. The count of casualties at Siachen was more than 860 due to hostile weather conditions till last year. Not to forget the ten soldiers from Madras Regiment who were buried under mounds of snow in an […]