Google to Oracle: Your $9.3bn Android Java damages claim is mad

Google has filed a rebuttal to Oracle’s claim that it’s due $9.3bn in damages for unlicensed use of Java code in Android. Google says its own damages expert “strongly disagrees” with the financial relief Oracle has demanded, ahead of the companies’ May district court retrial over claims that 37 Java SE application protocol interfaces in […]

Verizon planning $20 smartphone upgrade fee

Verizon is planning to charge a $20 flat fee for customers to upgrade their smartphone, the company has confirmed to ZDNet. “The upgrade fee helps cover our increased support costs associated with customers switching devices,” a spokesperson said. “Customers can pay the charge when they upgrade, bill it to their account or trade in an […]

This is the portablec you want, but probably can’t afford

Building a VR-ready PC on a budget requires carefully selecting compatible components that are powerful enough but don’t cost the earth. So what do you do when cost is an afterthought? Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry, one of the world’s top overclockers, set out to answer that question by building The Asteroid. The latest machine in Stoke, […]