Microsoft pitches smart chats with computers (Update)

Microsoft wants you to talk more with your computer—and have more useful conversations. The giant software company is promoting new uses for Cortana—its voice-activated answer to Apple’s Siri digital assistant—including the ability to interact with software “bots” that can have limited conversations with users and help with tasks like booking a hotel room, ordering a […]

Google to Oracle: Your $9.3bn Android Java damages claim is mad

Google has filed a rebuttal to Oracle’s claim that it’s due $9.3bn in damages for unlicensed use of Java code in Android. Google says its own damages expert “strongly disagrees” with the financial relief Oracle has demanded, ahead of the companies’ May district court retrial over claims that 37 Java SE application protocol interfaces in […]

Google Partners Airtel, Other Operators in ‘RCS’ SMS-Replacement Initiative

Google on Monday announced the launch of its Rich Communications Services or RCS initiative along with over 15 global telecom partners. The initiative will let operators “provide an open, consistent, and globally interoperable messaging service across Android devices.” Some of the telecom operators who have struck a deal with Google include Bharti Airtel Ltd., Sprint,Telenor […]

Google Gets Serious About Cloud Services

Google, which lags far behind Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud infrastructure services space, last week released a slew of machine learning and analytics products and services. The Cloud Machine Learning platform provides access through REST APIs to the technologies powering Google Now, Google Photos and voice recognition in Google Search. The tools are designed […]