Windows 10 reaches 270 million users: Microsoft

Windows 10 is now in use in 270 million devices, the tech giant said Wednesday, hailing a strong debut for the multiplatform operating system launched last year. “Windows 10 is off to an amazing start,” said chief executive Satya Nadella as he opened the Microsoft Build developers conference in San Francisco, saying the figures represent […]

Microsoft pitches smart chats with computers (Update)

Microsoft wants you to talk more with your computer—and have more useful conversations. The giant software company is promoting new uses for Cortana—its voice-activated answer to Apple’s Siri digital assistant—including the ability to interact with software “bots” that can have limited conversations with users and help with tasks like booking a hotel room, ordering a […]

Microsoft’s HoloLens is super limited — and hella magical

Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the most magical pieces of technology I’ve ever seen. It could change the world. But if you bought one today, for your own personal use, I guarantee you’d hate it. For over a year, journalists have written breathless descriptions of the amazing things they’ve seen inside the HoloLens headset, but […]

Humidity rather than heat is the number one enemy of the hard disk

Heat isn’t the biggest enemy for the humble hard disk, rather humidity is what causes the most failures, a new piece of research has observed. The study, carried out by Rutgers University and entitled ‘Environmental Conditions and Disk Reliability in Free-cool Data Centres’, found that the most negative effects on drive controllers and adapters were […]

Here’s why Cortana leaves Siri and Google Now in the dust

It isn’t often that Microsoft is the company that beats Apple and Google to the punch, especially when it comes to something as cool and sophisticated as virtual assistants but, with Cortana, Redmond has done just that. The presentation that Microsoft gave at Build 2016, the company’s annual conference in which it explains where it’s […]

BMW and Microsoft partner up for Google Now-like functions

BMW used Build 2016 to launch its new BMW Connected North America app for iOS users, which brings a Google Now personal assistant to its cars. The platform is powered by the Microsoft Azure-based Open Mobility Cloud. The idea is to leverage your cloud-based data, like your calendar, messages, contacts, commute times, real-time traffic data […]