The path from a developer to Product owner – change of responsibilities

Scrum technology is successful in bringing together both the end like the old and traditional system of production as well as the new methodical procedure for faster and better rate of production. The system also brings all the heads right from the workers to the owner under its fold. The owner decides what is to be produced and then the technical department along with the workers, the supervisors, team leaders and also all the departmental heads decide how this can be distributed.

The method and its utility:

The technology has made everything very transparent. The workers get to know what he has to, as in which department or segment they need to work on. This makes easy distribution of labor and no one is taxed because the distribution is sorted out beforehand. The workers put the best out and if they have any issues the supervisor and the team leader are there to sort things out fast. The quality of the produced goods is tested and since it is checked one becomes sure that the clients do not have anything to complain about. With the Safe 4.0 Adavanced Scrum Master Course in Melbourne the departmental heads know how to segregate the work. They make sure that the workers do not have any problem.

The very next thing that is dealt is the marketing strategy. Once the sales team bring in the report from the market, giving them a fair idea of the future of the product the marketing heads start planning which all measures to be taken and how they are going to maximize the profit limit of the company, much to the comfort of the stake holders, since more the company makes profit, more is their benefits. So the Scrum technology brings forward a concrete plan how to work in a more methodical way.

The other benefits:

The products which come out of the company gets distributed all over to the clients and also to the end users. Now this might as well be used by some other clients and since the quality is up to the mark they might as well get in touch of the company and orders for more. This is once again great news for the company. There are investors and again since the company is putting on the best of effort as well as making premium products might bring them many investors who want to invest funds for the production of the goods.


The main thing that Scrum brings is the proper coordination among all the segments and this help in maintaining the quality. The workers are connected to the supervisors, the supervisors are reporting to the team leaders with  Safe 4.0 Adavanced Scrum Master Certification and they report to the departmental heads. The chain way that is maintained is what the strength of the company. So the technology not only helps in produce the goods at a faster rate it also works with coordination and that is the reason they do not mess up with the quality of the production of the goods.

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